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Old 08-03-2009, 01:10 AM
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Default Red/White type 2 deck

I dint started magic long ago, but Ive been intruduce by some friends and this is my first serious deck, any suggestion's to make it beter would be welcome, I dont have a side deck at the moment and I was wondering what type of cards would be good in it to complete my deck, I was thinking about a few artifact/enchentment removal cards, but I dont know alot in white or red. The deck is based on pretty low lvl creatures and bosting theme, got alot of lifelink double stricke and stuff, also able to do direct damage from flameblast dragon and red spells.

basic mountain land(11)
basic plain land(10)

Red creatures:
Flameblast Dragon(2)
Thunder-Thrash Elder(1)
Rekka Mar(1)

White/Red creature:
Figure of Destiny(1)(need more) :P
Nobilis of War(2)
Hobgoblin Dragon(1)
Heartfire Hobgoblin(2)
Cerodon Yearling(1)

White Creature:
Sigiled Paladin(2)
Knight of Meadowgrain(2)
Akrasan Squire(3)

White Spell:
Light from Whitin(3)
Martial Coup(1)

Red Spell:
Volcanic Fallout(3)
Lash Out(1)
Puncture Blast(1)
Soul's Fire(3)
Scourge of the Nobilis(3)
Quenchable Fire(2)
Rage Reflection(1)

Ajani Vengeant(1)
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