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Old 03-09-2010, 05:55 PM
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Default Black/Blue Spirit/Arcane deck

I'm a n00b. I didn't build this deck, it was given to me. I've looked in the deck vault. I've tried other deck listing sites, but I can't find a deck like my black/blue spirit/arcane deck.

Is it just a bad idea? What rares could help? I've got a few RED Champion of Kamigawa cards - is red better than blue? Oh, BtW, it plays against a Green/White spirit/arcane which has (iirc) a couple 5/5 & a 8/8 creature with trample...

Thanks for looking

Island land/blue 11
Swamp land/black 11
Waterveil Cavern land 1
Consuming Vortex blue 2
Cruel Deceiver black 2
Devouring Greed black 2
Eye of Nowhere blue 2
Flayed Nim black 1
Floating-Dram Zubera blue 2
Gibbering Kami black 3
Guardian of Solitude blue 1
Honden o/t Seeing Winds blue 1
Kami of the Twistd Reflec blue 3
Kami of the Waning Moon black 2
Ragged Veins black 2
Scuttling Death black 2
Sire of the Storm blue 1
Soulless Revival black 1
Student of Winds blue 1
Swallowing Plague black 1
Teller of Tales blue 2
Terror black 2
Thief of Hope black 2
Wicked Akuba black 2

I can't find/recall the card, but I got a black card that will allow me to take possession of opposing creature.
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Old 04-26-2011, 05:11 PM
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Default hope this helps

GrrTake out the hondens. If the deck were part green and you had honden of webs life that gives you spirit tokens and then use devouring greed you would be able to use it and deal enough damage and gain life. But otherwise I wouldn't really have the hondens in the deck. It seems like a good deck though. But I think I need to look at the cards again but it seems good.

And it seems like you have to many different card and I think you should have more of the same with low mana cost and have instant that boost the power of the card.

I have a green white spirit/ arcane deck that works most of the time. And I have a combo when I use kami of the hunt which is a green card that get +1/+1 for every time I play a spirit or arcane. Then if I have them I play unchecked growth which gives +2/+2 and then and then my kami of the hunt gets +2/+2 and +6/6 and it has trample. It does a lot of damage in one turn.
So have combinations

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